Burlington Mayor Accused of Parking Gas Car in “Mayor Only” Parking Spot

BURLINGTON – Still feeling the backlash from his City Market “Bag Scandal,” Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger is now suffering another political blow, after someone photographed him parking a gasoline-powered vehicle in his reserved parking spot near City Hall. Residents are, rightfully, furious, and the protests began almost immediately.

“DON’T USE GAS! TO PARK YOUR ASS!” shouted crowds outside the mayor’s office early Friday morning, partially blocking the entrance to City Hall and causing several employees to be up to four minutes late for work. Weinberger has seen angry crowds before, but this was the coldest anyone had seen them in recent history.

“Usually they don’t come out when it’s below zero,” said city employee Len Goamy, trying to shove his way through the mob. “They must be really angry this time. And it’s funny, because you know Miro drives a Leaf. It’s just in the shop today, so he has a loaner car.”

Protest organizer Al Wazemad said that they are simply trying to hold the mayor accountable. “A gas car? Really? In this day and age? He should be setting a better example for all residents. A solar car that he built himself, or electric, even a damned hybrid! My car is powered by compost and my feet. I would hope the mayor would be concerned about our environment. If the mechanic didn’t have an environmentally friendly vehicle available, he should have just walked.”

Wazemad showed off his custom made Garbage/Flintstones hybrid vehicle, which he had parked on the street. When he noticed the traffic ticket on the recycled Plexiglas windshield he swore loudly and demanded to meet with the mayor.

“Now I’ve got TWO things to talk to him about! Add parking to the list!”

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