Burlington City Council Considering Proposal to Mold the Biggest Block of VT Cheddar Ever

BURLINGTON – With the confirmation that CityPlace is never, and was never, going to be built, Burlington City Council is fielding new proposals for use of the giant pit in the center of downtown. While they say they are dismissing some of the more outlandish suggestions, such as turning the decision over to city residents, they are intrigued by one idea in particular.

“One proposal we are looking at right now is to use the pit as a mold to make the biggest block of Vermont cheddar in history,” said Sarah Carpenter (D-Ward 4). “There’s a lot of excitement and energy behind that idea, and I think we’ll consider it very seriously.”

Proponents of the idea say that it will increase tourism, and provide much needed funds to the cheese industry. Opponents of the idea claim that it will increase tourism and make Church Street smell worse than it already does.

“I’m not sure how I’m voting,” said Joan Shannon (D-South). “Are we talking a mild cheddar, or a sharp cheddar? I’m not going to vote for something that leaves so many questions unanswered.”

The council will host a public forum this week on Zoom, where they will invite up to four people to give feedback on whether to give the cheese contract to Don Sinex, or to a more experienced cheesemaker who will later abandon the project and turn it over to Don Sinex.