Vermont Bartenders Get Creative with Pandemic Drinks

BURLINGTON – Creative mixologists have created such alcoholic treats as “The COVID Closure”, “Pandemic Beater”, “ Nasal Tester”, “Runny Noser” and “Masked Martini” in the wake of Vermont’s 10 P.M. bar closing requirement. Mixologist James Beame, of Burlington’s City Cluster Bar, says this was inevitable. “Apparently the Health Department feels people get looser, and closer, after a couple of late night drinks” states Beame.

Over in Winooski, Cappy Morgan, of Pirate’s Den Spirits Tavern, says that patrons are coming in earlier to partake of the new creations. “We are sharing our imaginative libations with other bar owners and managers.”

Sammi Adams, owner of the “Ladies Happy Hour” in Montpelier, says take-out orders have skyrocketed during the 9:30 to 10 P.M. time period.

Patrons at the “Last Call” in Essex expressed excitement over the mixologist’s, special creations. “I especially like,” The Breath Taker” says Iam Biber, who states he doesn’t mind paying more. He even suggested a new drink called “The Ventilator” which has small amounts of 19 different liquors.

Community College of Vermont is reported to be investigating the institution of a Mixology School, although alcohol isn’t allowed on State Property. However, Barry Tender, of C.C.V indicated the State leases property such as the Rutland Campus, so they make ask for a waiver. “Night classes obviously would end at ten p.m.” says Tender. “Happy Hour in the classroom starts at 5.”

Over at Liquor Control, reliable sources says half of the investigators are requesting early retirements.

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