Vermont Legislator Charged with “Zooming” While Driving

GLASTONBURY – State Representative Kamara Pixel, a Progressive Liberal from Glastonbury District 6-4, says she will fight a traffic citation issued to her last week on Route 7 in East Dorset. According to Pixel, her computer equipped purple Mercedes SLK, was stopped by Third Constable Gunner Handy for excessive speed. Pixel indicated she would not contest the 79 MPH in a 45 MPH zone but is angered over the second citation for “Zooming” while driving.

“I was talking on U-Connect with Zoom to other legislators around the state about legislation facing the Vermont House.” Pixel said. “We were conducting the State’s business.”

She claimed that her activity was a hands free operation, which is allowable under Vermont law. “My Mercedes Coupe has a thirteen inch screen which rises up from the dashboard. I never touched the thing. This was blatant overzealous enforcement that was targeting me.” she exclaimed.

Pixel made the comments on a Zoom press conference from her Mercedes, while parked at the Glastonbury Smart Shop parking lot. Asked by a reporter if the ticket stated “Zooming While Operating” Pixel said, “Well no, it was something about Inattentive Operation.”

Pixel says she will request East Dorset review its policing policy, saying “I was profiled because I have Legislative License Plates”. Pixel plans to introduce legislation that would prohibit law enforcement from stopping vehicles with legislative plates at all. “We will put a stop to this harassment.”

Pixel was, unfortunately, one of only nineteen Americans not pre-emptively pardoned by former US President Donald Trump, meaning she may have to pay the fine and deal with the political fallout. “What do you think this did to my image being stopped with blue lights flashing, and cars passing by gaping at me” she argued.

When asked by Vt Digger reporter Scoop Major if her speeding may have been related to the Zooming an infuriated Pixel said “That is irrelevant” and shut down the Zoom event.

A call to the manager of the Glastonbury Smart Shop indicated that the purple Mercedes suddenly “Zoomed” out of the parking lot heading south. Third Constable Handy could not be reached for comment as he was reportedly running radar on Route 7 just south of the Smart Shop.

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