Vermont Rated “Most Religious State” After Vermont Brewers Association Files for Religious Status

BURLINGTON – In a stunning reversal of statistics Vermont, once dubbed the “least religious state in America” by a 2011 Gallup poll, has shot to the top of the list and now holds the title of “most religious state.” The reason for this dramatic change was the filing this week by the Vermont Brewers Association, giving them official government status as a religious organization.

Founder and Archbishop Greg Noonan told reporters that he made the move after he realized how many Vermonters actually worshiped craft beer. “I just had this epiphany,” Noonan said, “and I ran to the dictionary, looked up the definition of ‘worship,’ and I said yeah, that’s what this is. And the fact that we don’t pay taxes anymore is just kind of a heavenly bonus for the good work we’re doing I guess.”

For those interested in visiting one of Vermont’s many new religious shrines, the locations of their churches can be found here.

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