Sen. Leahy Vows to Fight For 100 Year Term Limits

WASHINGTON – Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy announced this week that he will sponsor a bill that would limit members of congress to no more than one hundred years of service. President Trump has expressed his support for term limits in recent months, and the bill is garnering bipartisan support, opinions being formed, as is customary, before anyone has read it.

“This bill is not aimed at anyone in particular,” Leahy says, “and I myself would be affected just as much as anyone else. But there does come a time when a person, no matter how dedicated and principled, can be in Washington for too long. I think one hundred years is that time. After a century of serving the public, I would think it reasonable to step aside for new voices and fresh leadership.”

Leahy has vowed not to run for reelection in 2074, even if this bill does not pass.

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