Six Weird Vermont Laws You Have to Read to Believe

Every state has its quirks, and the legal system is no exception when it comes to crazy local eccentricities that you just would not believe.. While many states have byzantine laws, carried over unexamined for decades, Vermont has a few laws that you literally will not believe are laws if you ever choose to visit the beautiful green mountain state.


You would never know it from driving on Vermont’s many scenic highways and byways, but there are actually laws preventing people from driving too fast (or too slow) on the roads! Tell that to everyone going 80 between Burlington and Barre!


This one is truly bizarre. It seems there is an actual law prohibiting the use of handheld electronic devices while operating a motor vehicle. Really? How about you tell that to the guy in front of me sitting at the green light for twenty seconds!


Can you seriously believe that Vermont has laws against disturbing the peace? For instance, according to the “law,” you can’t go outside someone’s house at 3 AM and scream as loudly as possible. Ha! Tell that to the UVM students every Thursday-Sunday night!


As odd as it might sound, as you pass the vagrants peeing on private property only blocks away from public restrooms, there is actually a law suggesting that one ought not to urinate or defecate in public! And to save writing time, please go back and read the last bit of #3 again, starting with Ha!  It applies here as well.


Have you ever been to Vermont? If so, you may be forgiven for not knowing that there are laws governing your pets. It is an every day sight to walk into a park and see dogs off of a leash, to see owners not scooping up that poop, or to find that cats and dogs are not registered with the city. And yet, when reading the fine print, there are specific laws pertaining to all of these things! Weird!


This one must be a joke, right? You can hardly walk down any sidewalk in the state without at least getting a minor contact high. And yet when you examine the actual laws, it turns out that arcane federal and state regulations outlaw the use of this recreational drug!

So be informed when you travel to Vermont. Know the local laws and follow them. Remember, just because everyone else is doing it, doesn’t mean you can’t be fined for it. Especially if you are a “Flatlander.”

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