Burlingtonians Celebrate July 3rd, the Last America-Free Day

BURLINGTON – Thousands of Vermonters gathered in Burlington yesterday for their annual July 3rd celebration, commemorating the last day in history without a United States of America in it. 241 years ago, on July 3rd, 1776, America did not exist, but when the Declaration of Independence was signed the following day it marked the unending presence of the global power.

“America is kind of embarrassing right now,” said Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger, when asked why Burlington chooses to celebrate July 3rd, instead of the more traditional July 4th. “We’re rude, obnoxious, kind of mean, nobody really likes us, we’re the kid you would want to hide from in school if you saw them coming down the hallway. But there was a day before that kid got transferred in, and we think that’s a day worth celebrating.”

While most other communities still choose to celebrate the day that America was born, Burlington is joined by Montpelier, North Hero, and many cities in other states in taking a day to reflect on the last day in recorded history so far with no United States in it.

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