College Street Congregational Church Installs Stained Glass Fidget Spinners

BURLINGTON – College Street Congregational Church in Burlington has shaken things up a bit by adding new stained glass windows to their steeple, in the shape of fidget spinners. Fidget Spinners are a popular toy that some people who have done no research claim can help with learning.

“We knew we had to shake things up if we wanted to get the kids through the door,” says Alison Pierce, the church’s youth ministry leader, “and kids love fidget spinners. How great would it be if, every time a kid walked by on their way to school or to the Y, they looked up at our building and saw giant fidget spinners up there, beckoning them to enter and become active in the life of the church?!”

The proposal to add the toy-shaped windows was not embraced by every member of the congregation, with some members claiming that the windows were distracting, and others upset that the windows themselves do not spin. The windows have grown in popularity however, and now almost every member concedes that they are necessary.

“We get so many kids in here now, looking for fidget spinners!” says longtime member Ethel Cullver. “Of course, we don’t have any actual fidget spinners, but at least they come in!”

Pierce is looking into grants that would allow the church to purchase fidget spinners in bulk to hand out during services, but currently the only fidgeting in worship is the traditional kind. Until the grants come through, the windows will have to suffice.

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