Air Force to Deliver Up to 3 Helicarriers to Vermont Air National Guard

SOUTH BURLINGTON – Despite the apparent demise of the S.H.I.E.L.D. military program, the Vermont Air National Guard is still slated to receive up to three fully functional helicarriers to be stationed at the airport in South Burlington. Vermont’s Congressional delegation said that the mobile airbases have never been fully dependent on S.H.I.E.L.D. funding, and the program will go ahead with or without former director Fury. This announcement comes not long after the approval to build Stark Tower in Burlington.

The helicarriers are a controversial issue on South Burlington, as residents worry about the effect the military vehicles will have on property values, noise levels, and general safety in the area. The Federal Aviation Administration has provided no data concerning potential neighborhood noise impacts, claiming such information is classified and not available for public consumption. When asked about the possibility of the helicarriers being co-opted by Hydra, President Trump said “Look, I’m not saying at all that I like Hydra. But the Red Skull had some good ideas, and he had a lot of admirers. I’m not one of them, obviously, but you can’t deny that he got a lot accomplished. Great guy. Very good skull. Strong.”

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