VT Governor Statement on Hurricane Harvey: “Egregious Display of Weather on Many Sides”

MONTPELIER – As leaders across the nation came out in support of the citizens in the flooded city of Houston this week, Vermont Governor Phil Scott added his voice in a statement released on Wednesday afternoon.

“The people of Vermont condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of weather on many sides. On many sides. Water has been flowing into Houston for a long, long time, some from the hurricane and some brought in by the people themselves via pipes, hoses, and faucets. It’s hard to say who is to blame for the current flooding, but it is certain that the storm is at least partially responsible, and that the victims also are daily water users who, up until quite recently, had no problem with running water in their homes.

Weather is evil, and storms that cause flooding are nothing more than natural criminals and thugs, including Hurricane Harvey, Storm from the X-Men, and all other residents of Texas. This climate disaster goes against everything we hold dear as Vermonters, and if anyone very specifically asks us for support we will certainly consider it. Our hearts are with Houston, and also all other cities which matter equally at this difficult time.”

Image Credits: National Guard Bureau / NASA.

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    • We considered that, but felt that this was more a satire of certain presidential speeches than the actual disaster. But we certainly can see where you’re coming from! The hurricane itself is not at all funny.

  1. I think this sounds very strange and weird weather is evil. We live in a state,with lots of weather,and as the saying
    Goes if you don’t like it wait 15 minutes. Also that WATER was measured in feet not inches , now who uses that
    Much water ……really ?!

  2. The state of Texas really must respond to this accusation. The dry land mass of the Lone Star State was completely passive in the face of the violence exhibited by Harvey – just ask the mayor of Houston.

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