Congressman Welch Introduces Bill to Make Puerto Rico Count as America

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Vermont Congressman Peter Welch introduced new legislation yesterday to the U.S. House of Representatives that would force Americans to admit that Puerto Rico is part of their country. While Puerto Rico is indeed a part of the U.S. and people born on the island are U.S. citizens, it is a poorly kept secret that most of the country, as well as huge portions of the government, view the territory as “not really America.”

“I was very proud to co-sponsor this bill with Jenniffer González. She may only be a non-voting commissioner in the house, since Puerto Ricans don’t get a vote, but I really value her and her contributions,” Welch said in a statement on his website. “It doesn’t look like the bill is going to pass the House, probably because if everyone truly believed that Puerto Rico counted as America they would have to care a lot more about the current devastation there. But at least presenting the bill probably got a few people to briefly think about it.”

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