Due to Storm, All Non-Essential Burlington Schoolchildren Advised to Learn From Home

BURLINGTON – With snow and ice covering the roadways, extremely high winds, and dangerously low temperatures, Burlington school district superintendent Yaw Obeng has made the decision to allow all non-essential children to learn from home today. Obeng stresses that, for legal reasons, schools are officially in session, but there will be no heat, electricity, or teachers available for student use.

“This is not a snow day,”Obeng told our reporter over the phone. “We do not have any snow days. Thanks to the excellent and necessary strike earlier this year by our delightful teachers whom I love more than anything, and please print that part, our extra days that were built into the schedule are depleted. State law tells us we need a certain number of school days, and this will be one of them. But students who feel that they are able to learn from home today are advised to make the best decision for their individual situation.”

Obeng did not specify which students were “non-essential” but said only “if they haven’t been told they are essential, then they are not.” He said also that if today is successful he may implement many more “learn from home” days in the future, as it will “save the district a lot of money,” be “less work for everyone,” and also “what are they going to do, I have a new contract that they can’t get out of.”