Gov. Scott Upgrades to iPhone X “With Mixed Emotions”

MONTPELIER – Gov. Phil Scott was seen outside the AT&T store yesterday with a new iPhone X in his hand. This surprised many Vermonters, as Scott had previously vetoed the iPhone in favor of his Samsung Galaxy phone. When asked about this significant change, Scott replied that he had upgraded to the newest iPhone ‘with mixed emotions,” and noted that he does not plan to regulate his phone time right away as he becomes accustomed to the new operating system.

“People keep telling me how great this iPhone is,” Scott said,” especially Dave Zuckerman, that guy loves his phone a little too much honestly, but I’m going to give it a try. I’m not convinced, but here I go. I’m really only doing this so people will stop bugging me about it.”

iPhone users all over Vermont were rejoicing on social media yesterday, saying they felt the Governor’s choice in cellular phone vindicated their own choices. Although many were hoping for a bigger announcement from Scott regarding the switch.

“What, do I need a ceremony every time I switch phones?” Scott said. “Some people don’t feel that this is a momentous occasion. If I made a big deal out of every phone I got, I’d be too busy throwing phone parties to govern effectively. No, I save the celebrations for things I actually like. This phone? I feel a bit bullied into it. We’ll see how this goes.”

Scott has pledged to review the iPhone X a year from now and make another decision as to whether he will keep it, or go back to the Galaxy.

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