Men’s Rights Activists Furious Over Lack of Inclusion in Best Actress Category

DUMMERSTON – After Tuesday morning’s announcement of the 2018 academy award nominees, men’s rights activists took to the internet to express their outrage over the lack of male inclusion in both the best supporting and best featured actress categories.

The Men’s Right’s Association (MRA), formerly the Men’s Right’s Society until their acronym caused organizational unrest, is a division of the Society of Haranguers and Internet Trolls, headquartered in Dummerston, VT beneath the West Dummerston Covered Bridge. One of the many anonymous Vermont trolls claiming to represent the MRA began posting on Reddit shortly after the presentation by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

“We need to to take back the time-honored profession of acting,” said the troll. “Remember back when we were kids, and all the roles were played by men? Now look at this broken world. Almost all of the female roles are played by women. And when men do play female roles, they never get nominated or recognized for their superior work. Where is Tyler Perry’s Oscar?”

Some Reddit users expressed disbelief at the statement that all women’s roles were recently played by men, but it was then pointed out that the average lifespan of a troll is almost 800 years. To clear up any confusion, the “good old days” that are being referred to here are probably somewhere around 1600.

“And then they go and nominate another woman for directing?! Women can’t direct men! It’s in the Bible! Are we going to sit here and let them take our power, or are we going to do something?! We have a moral imperative to control women, and to portray them in films.”

Some commenters suggested to the original poster that he put on a dress and make-up and make his own film, but for some reason this seemed to make the troll uncomfortable and defensive. The thread ended after MRA members were unable to decide which was worse, men dressing as women in films or women dressing as women in films.

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