Mud Shortage – Vermont Trucks in 300 Tons of Mud From Out of State

BAKERSFIELD – With mud season almost upon us and the ground showing no signs of a thaw, Vermont has had to ship in over 300 tons of mud from New York and Massachusetts in an attempt to make this year’s season as successful as the 2017 mud season. Tourists flood the state each spring to get stuck in Vermont’s famous mud and, according to the Department of Tourism and Marketing, this year will be no different.

“We’re pretty excited,” said Pete Moss, an employee of the VDTM. “We’ve partnered with the Environmental Board and [the Agency of Transportation] to make this happen, and I think it’s going to be one of the best mud seasons ever. It’s no different from what the ski resorts do when there isn’t enough snow. So to anyone thinking of visiting Vermont this spring I can assure you, yes, there will be mud, and plenty of it!”

As a large dump truck poured mud onto a frozen dirt road in Bakersfield, local residents turned up to watch the fun.

“This is great,” said one observer. “I’ve had the mud room all ready for weeks now, but no mud. I think everyone around here is ready for winter to be over so we can finally stop worrying about snow and start playing in the mud.”