New Evidence Suggests Vermont Not Born in the U.S.

VERMONT – Currently under fire from the White House for a number of reasons; including sanctuary cities, marijuana legalization, and voting record; the small state of Vermont now faces another legal challenge: producing its birth certificate. President Trump has put forth a troubling claim that the state was not born in the United States, and did not join the union until after existing for some time.

The President has suggested that Vermont may have been born in France, or even Canada, and is thus ineligible to participate in national elections. It is unsure how the President came to these conclusions, or where he received this information, as the subject has not recently been discussed on Fox News.

Legal experts are quick to point out that none of the original colonies were born in the U.S., but White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told press that the original thirteen colonies are grandfathered in. “Vermont had a chance to be a part of it, and they chose, for whatever reason, to be their own country and then move to the U.S. fifteen years too late. There is no statute of limitations on not being born here,” Sanders said.

The White House’s constitutional law adviser did point out that none of this makes any sense, but was promptly fired and replaced with the President’s 2nd Grade Teacher, 103-year-old Mrs. Winifred Chestnut.