Bernie Sanders Insults Red Sox Legacy on Fenway Park Anniversary

BOSTON, MA – Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has lost a few of his own fans this week after angering sports fans at an event in Boston. The internet took Sanders to task for his remarks, with many noting that they came on April 9th, the 106th anniversary of the first game played at Fenway Park, an exhibition game between the Boston Red Sox and Harvard College.

“The Red Sox is an extraordinary team, brilliant team,” Sanders told the crowd at the breakfast at which he was speaking. “Sure, there was some failure as a business model, but only for 86 years. They turned it around.”

The crowd began to boo the senator, who took his seat only after shouting his support for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

“Of all the days to diss the Sox, you pick April 9?” tweeted one disappointed fan. “No mention of their World Series wins? He’s lost my vote.”

“I’m not running for anything,” Sanders tweeted back. “And I did refer to their wins. You’re missing the point of my comments”

This exchange set off a brief twitter war in which Sentator Sanders tried to convince others that the words “brilliant” and “extraordinary” were meant to be complimentary, but to no avail. His comments were widely agreed to be a dig against the beloved franchise.

“I’m not buying it,” tweeted @FenwayFanatic51, “a whole political speech in Boston with no mention of Williams or Yastrzemski? No love for Big Papi? Seems like an intentional snub. I’m voting for The Rock in 2020 anyway.”

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