OPINION: States’ Rights Are Important on Issues I Don’t Care About

In these troubling times of federal overreach, governmental interference, and general dystopian inevitability, the case must be made for the rights of states to legislate their own citizens to the maximum extent possible for all issues that I care very little about.  Congress and the White House must not be permitted to meddle in affairs that are not Constitutionally mandated, except for very specific issues that are of grave concern to me.

There are some areas of public and private life that are very clearly open to interpretation by individual states, but which I personally believe ought to be mandated federally anyway, because these are areas in which I feel I have the right to tell other people what to do. Is it enough for everyone in my own personal state to behave the way I want them to? Yes! Most of the time. But at other times, my own set of core values should trump the rule of law and force the rest of the country to get their act together.

How fast you drive in Montana does not affect me at all, so I am fine with state control on that level. Which bathroom you use, however, and how much ammunition you possess, that has a direct effect on my daily life that I simply cannot abide until I take personal control over your situation. I think we can all agree here that I have the best thoughts and beliefs, and therefore should be deferred to at all times on matters in which I have little knowledge and experience, but high levels of opinion.

This country is moving in a dangerous direction, down a path that leads to a land in which I do not control all other citizens when deemed appropriate by me. Please join with me in calling for the removal of unnecessary regulations that I do not wish to follow, and the extension of other arbitrary regulations that I have decided to be in favor of. There is still time to save the country and turn it into the me-centric paradise I have always known it could be, if only we unite and act now.

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  1. I would agree with you, but unfortunately it’s MY set of beliefs that shall determine the basic underpinnings of reality, where appropriate. Shall we agree to disagree, and then nuke each other into submission?

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