South Burlington Sued For Fraud, Forced to Change Name to East Burlington

SOUTH EAST BURLINGTON – The city of South Burlington is not only changing the name of its mascot, but also the name of the city itself. A lawsuit filed in March by a lost and confused tourist claimed that the city’s name was misleading, and a judge agreed.

“It was ridiculous,” said Massachusetts resident Chuck Allyall. “I was driving around with my wife, looking for South Burlington, and we went south of Burlington, and we were nowhere near where we needed to be. I guess we were in South Burlington for a hot second, but then we were in Shelburne. It was wicked confusing. We actually needed to go east of Burlington. The stupid town lied to us.”

The city of South Burlington, now called East Burlington was forced to change its name, as well as to pay out over $75 in gas money to Mr. Allyall for his inconvenience.