Survey: 83% of Vermonters Agree – “None of Your Dang Business”

CONCORD – According to several recent studies initiated by the Ethan Allen Institute in Concord, VT, the majority of Vermonters agree that it is “None of Your Dang Business.” This response was given widely by all participants and seemed not to depend on the question that was asked, or the type of survey that was being done. When all survey questions over the past year were compiled, 83% of Vermonters responded this way on average to each query.

When asked their age 81% of Vermonters reported their age as “None of Your Dang Business.” When asked to provide their gender, 74% responded this way. When asked their income, an astounding 97% put down “None of Your Dang Business,” making the results very clear.

“We asked them about their political leanings, about restaurant preferences, their views on the environment, and results were the same across the board,” said EAI Director Saul Lister. “And these were the people who volunteered to take part in the surveys! Had we polled people at random, I suspect the percentage might be even higher, although I have no hard data on that.”

The Winooski asked some Vermonters on the street what they thought about these findings, but we probably don’t have to tell you what they said to us.

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