Burlington City Council Aims to Ban Plastic Straws, Replace Them With Cereal Straws

BURLINGTON – With rising pressure from consumers to ban single-use plastic items, the Burlington City Council is planning to introduce a new measure that would eliminate plastic straws within the city limits at all restaurants, bars, convenience stores, and supermarkets. The plan would require vendors and servers to provide an alternative to the plastic straw in the form of a cereal straw.

“This is really the best solution for the people of Burlington,” said council president Kurt Wright. It’s going to get rid of a lot of trash from our streets and from the lake, and people will still be able to use straws, which is important for people with certain handicaps and sensory issues. The new straws that we will be requiring businesses to purchase are completely bio-degradable, and 100% edible. I think people are going to be pleased.”

Councillor Wright denied that the decision had anything to do with the recent sponsorship by Kellogg’s to renovate City Hall Park.