Visiting Witches Disappointed by Brewery Tour

BURLINGTON – A coven of witches from Columbus, IN has expressed disappointment over their tour of Burlington’s breweries in a Facebook post that has since gone viral. The Champlain Valley has become a popular tourist spot for people seeking out breweries, with a record-breaking 1:4 brewery to resident ratio, but The Sisters of Pensive Tastes say the promotional material is misleading and have asked for a refund.

Sister Jadis Myne posted her review after the group came to Burlington looking for a few rare potions that they had been unable to brew themselves back in Indiana. “After the third house of sin and addiction, we knew that something was wrong,” Myne wrote. “Burlington, you have a drinking problem. Really, it’s excessive. When you only brew one thing, and I have to go out to the lake at dawn to gather my own toads, there is clearly a problem.”

Other members of the coven also chimed in on the post. One member, identified by her profile as Morgan Dalf, commented, “I’ve written words of malice on the web, after summoning the spiders, but I’m glad you are writing on the internet as well.”

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