Red Sox Lose to Patriots 14-3 When Confused Team Shows Up to Wrong Venue

BOSTON – In a game that was both exhilarating and puzzling, the Boston Red Sox lost their first game to the New England Patriots last night, with a final score of 14-3. Normally teams from different leagues do not play against each other in regular season games, but the Patriots were participating in a pre-season match, and the Red Sox were at the wrong place at the right time.

When their plane was grounded for technical reasons in Charlotte, somehow the baseball team missed the announcement and left the airport believing they were in Tampa. “Once you get south of Baltimore it all kind of looks the same,” said pitcher Rick Porcello. The team arrived at Bank of America Stadium, suited up, and took the field to face off against the visiting New England Patriots. The Pats performed well, considering they had been expecting to lock horns with the Carolina Panthers, and came out ahead by the end of the bottom of the fourth quarter.

The first inning began with a solid kickoff by New England, but Xander Bogaerts managed to hit a long drive into center field for one run. The ball was caught by a surprised Phillip Dorsett, who turned around and scored a touchdown, making it three outs for the Sox and ending the quarter 7-1.

By the seventh inning stretch the score was 14-2 as the Red Sox ran in circles and the Pats continued to make most of the catches they needed, despite several rough tackles by right fielder J.D. Martinez. By the time Boston scored a field goal for one extra run in the last seconds of the game against New England, the game had already been decided. The Red Sox went back to the airport defeated, with a final score of 14-3.

Provided their plane makes it there, the Red Sox will play Tampa Bay tonight in a game of basketball.