VT House Passes “Paid Family Leave” Program, in Opposition to Gov. Scott’s “Paid Family Stay” Program

MONTPELIER – In a defiant move against the governor, Vermont’s House of Representatives passed a paid family leave program that will pay residents money to continue living in the state but not work for up to 12 weeks in the unusual event of a Vermonter having a child for some reason. This program is a direct counter to the governor’s program, that would pay non-residents to live in the state, but not work here, for up to, and including, indefinitely.

“Oh, I’m going to veto the hell out of this one,” Governor Scott told press immediately following the vote. “Paid Family Leave? Seriously? I’m over here trying to get families to stay, and they’re going to pay them to leave? I don’t think they could have come up with a program more antithetical to everything I’m trying to do for Vermont than ‘Paid Family Leave.’ It’s insulting, and I’m not having it.”

There was some question as to whether the governor understood that the program would not require participants to move out of state, but either way it was clear that the program would direct funds that could have been paid to non-residents to live here and work remotely.

“No, that’s not true at all,” said House Speaker Mitzi Johnson. “This will be funded by a payroll tax. We’re not taking any funds from the governor’s Paid Family Stay program. Although we would definitely like to.”

One of the governor’s aide’s said that the governor opposes any and all new taxes, and is planning to apply for funding from a new federal study that aims to prove that taxes cause more cancer than even windmills.

Image Credits: VTDigger.

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