Plants-Rights Group Launches Campaign Against Weeding

SHELBURNE – A Shelburne-based, grass-roots political advocacy group called “Plants are People” has launched a new campaign to discourage Vermonters from weeding their gardens. The group claims that millions of weeds are needlessly killed each year for subjective aesthetic reasons, and encourages people to leave all plants in peace.

‘What is a Weed?’ is plastered across posters covered with dandelions, roses, zucchini, and other plants. According to group founder Herb Legume the definition of ‘weed’ varies from garden to garden and depends solely on the opinion of the gardener.

“Frankly, it’s straight up discrimination,” Legume says. “Do I have the right to just murder any plant I don’t like? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but that doesn’t give me the right to eradicate anything I find annoying or ugly in this world. Especially when someone else might find it lovely.”

Legume hopes people will take the time to read up on plants rights issues and stop the cruel practice of yanking defenseless living things out of the ground in a horrific experiment of genetic cultivation and manipulation.

“I hope the weeding issue will be an easier one,” Legume says. “People already don’t like weeding. Once we get them on board with saving the weeds, we’ll move on to stopping the barbaric practice of actually eating plants.”

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