Summer Officially Cancels Vermont Visit After Weeks of Delay

WINOOSKI – Fans of summer are going to be disappointed this year. The popular season, which was scheduled to arrive in Vermont for a three month residency, has cancelled all plans to visit the state in 2019. Citing scheduling factors regarding the delay of spring, summer had already postponed its arrival by several weeks, but has now pulled out entirely and will not be seen anywhere near Vermont for the foreseeable future.

“We want to apologize to our fans,” a spokesperson for summer said in a statement released on the season’s Facebook page this week. “Obviously we know there are going to be disappointed people out there who had made plans around the dates we had originally scheduled, but there just isn’t time at this point. Fall is arriving in two months and spring hasn’t cleared out yet. Our fans deserve the full summer experience, and we can’t give that to you in six weeks. We hope to be back in 2020 if everything works out. We do plan to come as far north as Maryland if anyone is able to make the trip out to see us this year. Thanks for your support and understanding. Love to all of you.”

Vermonters were not happy with the news, judging from the number of angry emojis added to that post. “We all kind of figured,” said one commenter. “Still sucks though.”

Spring, which itself arrived over a month late after winter was unable to complete its residency on schedule, has agreed to stay on for a few weeks longer. “We’ll be as warm as possible, we promise!” spring tweeted after the news broke. “60s and 70s as much as we can!”

There is no current information on whether fall will agree to come earlier than usual in August, although inside sources say that winter is eager to make up for its lengthy holdover and could agree to arrive extra early if needed to fill the gap.

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