North Carolina Crowd Actually Chanting “Send Her Back” at Melania

GREENVILLE – After stunning and horrifying videos surfaced yesterday of a North Carolina crowd chanting “Send Her Back,” seemingly in reference to Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar, it has now been revealed that the chanting was in fact a reference to Melania Trump. The footage making its rounds across the internet appears to have been doctored to make it appear as though the chanting came directly after one of Trump’s many racist and sexist slurs against Rep. Omar, but new footage now shows that the comments were instead directed at the First Lady.

Melania Trump has been a US citizen since 2006, six years fewer than Rep. Omar who became a US citizen in 2000 at the age of 17. She has also lived in the country since only 1996, again shorter than Rep. Omar, who moved to the US in 1992.

The president spent almost twenty minutes denouncing immigrants, especially those involved in the political arena, saying that no one born outside of this country should ever have a stage on which to make a political statement, especially when those people are suggesting that we make American better, as it would be inappropriate. He then introduced his wife to the crowd, which was when the chanting started.

“I don’t really get it,” said Greenville native and Trump supporter Connie Federer. “We all reckoned he was settin’ it up, what with his speech and all, but the president seemed kinda mad when we started chanting ‘Send Her Back’ at Melania. Usually when they tell us what to think it’s a little more clear, but this time it just didn’t make a lick o’ sense. And there’s Melania, bless her heart, just standing there smilin’ away. If she were a real American I probably woulda felt bad.”

According to Fox News, the doctored video showing the racist chanting was an attempt by Democrats to make President Trump look worse than usual, and not the result of an embarrassed leader who is in trouble with his wife.

“To be honest, I’m not even sure where Melania is from,” admitted Federer. “Where were we sending her back to anyway? Some country somewhere near Russia I’d bet, probably like Alaska, or Vermont.”

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  1. Not funny. By taking the low road and using anti immigrant “humor” for a laugh you are no better than the crap I hear every day from the Republican right.

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