Trump Threatens to Withhold Foreign Aid to Nancy Pelosi Unless She Stops the Impeachment Proceedings

WASHINGTON – Temporary US President Donald Trump has threatened to withhold foreign aid from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi unless she immediately cancels impeachment proceedings against him. Speaker Pelosi is not currently receiving foreign aid from the US government, according to recent budgets, however the President has said this would apply to any future foreign aid as well.

“Look, I didn’t say she was receiving foreign aid,” President Trump said in a Facebook live video that he posted to Twitter. “I never said that. She probably is, but I didn’t say it. She sounds foreign though. Pelosi, what is that, Italian? Polish? Sounds foreign. So she’s getting foreign aid from out country, but I can’t approve of that with all the corruption going on. And I think you know what I mean by corruption. I mean, legally, the definition of corruption is people not doing what the President wants. I’m in charge, and when you don’t do what I ask you to do, technically you’re breaking the law. That’s the Constitution folks. I didn’t write it. Great document though. I love the preamble. Who doesn’t love the preamble?”

Speaker Pelosi has responded to the President’s threaquest by adding a recording of their conversation to the impeachment files, and stating that she will not be bullied. First Lady Melania Trump released a statement via twitter that congratulated Speaker Pelosi on standing up to bullies, and provided a link to her “BE BEST” anti-bullying campaign website.

“He doesn’t scare me,” Speaker Pelosi said. “I have never received foreign aid from our government, and I will not stop the impeachment. We have thousands of pieces of evidence, including public confessions by the President of his crimes. This will not end well for Mr. Trump.”

The Republican-controlled Senate released a statement as well, saying that if they were ever to vote in favor of impeachment they would need a lot more than hard evidence and a public confession.

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