Vermont’s Most Notorious Drug Dealer Making 99% Pure Antacids

BARRE – “I give ’em what they want.” So said Bill Lesh during his arrest on Tuesday for selling over $3M worth of pure antacids out of a VW Bus parked outside his house in Barre. Lesh is being accused of making the drugs illegally without FDA approval, and selling them for cheaper than regulated drugs.

Lesh’s journey started out, like many drug dealers’ do, with listening to rock and roll music. He experimented with making LSD and selling it, first at Grateful Dead shows, and then at Phish concerts, and made a lot of money. He used that money to perfect the purest antacid currently available, and has been selling it to Vermonters for over a decade.

“People stopped buying the acid at the Dead shows man,” Lesh told us. “They started asking if I had any antacids, or heart medication, something for lower back pain, and so I evolved with my clientele.”

Prices for prescription medication have continued to climb, with many Vermonters, whose average age is 68, unable to afford the antacids that let them sleep at night. Lesh’s services have been a Godsend to many in the community, with some customers driving from as far away as Massachusetts and New Hampshire to buy his drugs in bulk.

“I know it’s a bit of a trip for antacids,” said one customer wearing a Jerry Garcia t-shirt that was wearing Cherry Garcia ice cream stains, “but we calculated it out, and even with the gas and time, Bill’s stuff saves us money. I’ve been recommending antacid trips to all my friends and neighbors actually.”

Lesh is out on $50,000 bail and says he will continue to sell the drugs, because he doesn’t feel that he’s done anything wrong.

“Is it wrong to help people? Is it illegal to break the law? If it is, then I don’t want to be in a place with laws anymore, man. Because what’s the point?”

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