Tom Brady Signs 2-Year, $70 Million Deal With Hulu

BOSTON – In a shocking reveal on Sunday evening, NFL star Tom Brady announced that he has signed a deal with Hulu to keep streaming their programming for the next 2 years. Brady has been a Hulu subscriber for years, but fans have been speculating for some time that he might jump ship now that streaming has become more competitive.

When Brady arrived on the scene 20 years ago, there were not as many options for streaming as there are today. In 2000, Brady began viewing internet content via America Online (AOL), which then began streaming television in 2007 in a joint partnership with Comcast, Facebook, MSN, and Yahoo as the service we now know as Hulu. Disney, which owns Hulu now, has recently started its own streaming service, Disney+, and many other niche services are now also available, from companies such as CBS and Amazon.

“Yeah, I know Netflix has a bunch of Oscar nominations,” Brady said after his announcement, “and I am very interested in finding out what the deal is with Baby Yoda, but I owe it to my fans to keeping streaming exclusively on with Hulu. I love binging my favorite shows, and also keeping up with new episodes of my current favorites. I’m not going anywhere.”

Hulu will reportedly pay Brady $70 million over the next two years to keep talking up their service.

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