Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson beats out Ethan “Scissors” Sonneborn in VT Democratic Primary, Loses to Christine “Papers” Hallquist

MONTPELIER – History has been made in Vermont, as Christine “Papers” Hallquist beat out several other challengers to become the first transgender person to win a major party’s gubernatorial nomination. Hallquist earned her nickname of “Papers” after becoming the CEO of the Vermont Electric Co-op in 2005.

Hallquist’s biggest primary rival turned out to be, in a surprise bid for governor of a state no one knew he lived in, actor and former wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Johnson has quietly maintained residence in Vermont for the past eight years for tax purposes. “I just like paying taxes,” Johnson told reporters. While many were unaware of his campaign, Johnson claims that his goal was not to win the governorship, but rather to test the waters for a potential presidential bid in 2020. “This was a practice run,” he said, “and I think we learned a lot.”

Johnson did not win enough votes to earn the nomination, but he did manage to beat out 14-year-old Ethan “Scissors” Sonneborn, whose headline-making play for the top job in the state was not taken seriously by enough people to carry him to victory.

In a crowded field, it was significant that The Rock was able to beat Scissors at all, but Papers easily beat The Rock by a margin of 5 to 1. Christine “Papers” Hallquist will face off against incumbent Phil “The Lizard” Scott on Tuesday, November 6th.