Phil Scott to Identify as Transgender for the November Election

MONTPELIER – After a wave of national support for Vermont’s Democratic candidate for governor, current governor and Republican nominee Phil Scott has announced that he has made the choice to become transgender and will be known as “Phyllis Scott” for the remainder of the year. When it was pointed out that being transgender is not a choice, and he was asked whether he was truly transgender or was just hoping to ride the current wave of support for LGBTQ+ candidates, Gov. Scott replied that it was nobody’s business but his own.

“This is a very personal matter, and I will not discuss details with the media at this time,” Gov. Scott said during a press conference. “I will only say that Christine Hallquist is a fine candidate with whom I disagree on a number of important issues, but I know that many people have no idea what her positions are on those issues. People from around the country, and even the world, are sending her donations simply because of who she is, and not for anything she has done, or will do. Well, two can play at that game.”

Vermonters have argued that they are supporting Hallquist for her record as a business leader in the community, and for her platform that includes a higher minimum wage, job programs, and paid medical leave programs. Skylar K. from California was less familiar with the issues, but sent Hallquist a $100 donation with a note that read “Strike a blow for the ‘T’s!”

“From now until November I will be using all of the pronouns,” Gov. Scott said. “Him/Her/Them/It, whatever, I just want people around the country to support me for a cause bigger than myself, while having absolutely nothing to do with who I actually am as a candidate. The Vermonters know who I am.”

When asked if he would remain female/non-binary after the election, Gov. Scott only replied that it was “none of our business.”

Image Credits: VtDigger.

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